favorite sets @ voodoo



Preservation Hall Jazz Band

→Backstage, y’all. And I got to see them up close during an interview in the Toyota tent.


Calvin Harris

→Danced my ass off. Bass was so hard the port-a-potties vibrated.



Nine Inch Nails

→There aren’t even words. I had no idea what to expect and I was completely blown away. Those lights!



Matt & Kim

→Not only does Kim know how to get down, but Matt said, “we’re like The Ellen Show – we take a lot of dance brakes.” Not to mention the guerrilla tactic of handing out 400 balloons for fans to blow up & toss around.


Moon Taxi

→My only venture to the Carnival stage, but dang was it goooood.


Beats Antique

→It was hard for me to dance I was so mesmerized by Zoe Jakes’ dancing. Not to mention the visuals. And that strip tease?


2 responses to “favorite sets @ voodoo

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  2. Pingback: Preservation Hall Jazz Band Transports Apollo Theater | fantastical times·

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